Vreni Schneider, Dario Cologna, … who’s next?
Ander Group helps Swiss-Ski spot tomorrow’s champions.

Swiss-Ski is Switzerland’s lead organization uniting all snow sports. It covers 11 separate disciplines, with around 100 coaches and 300 athletes. Its challenging mandate is to identify and develop the talent to carry on our great medal-winning traditions.

In a country with thousands of aspiring snow athletes, evaluating individual performance and potential is a complex process. Swiss-Ski acts as an information clearinghouse, linked to the national Olympic committee and to international sports bodies. Until now, it exchanged information using text documents and spreadsheets, which were consolidated into annual “snapshots” for each discipline. This was clearly not the ideal workflow for such a fast-moving world.

The toolbox is closely fitted to Swiss-Ski’s specific needs. Its dashboard gives coaches and administrators for each discipline customised tools to manage individual athletes, analyze the state of each sport, set and monitor goals, and create reports. Its open framework lets it link seamlessly to national and international databases.

Every top athlete seeks the flow experience, when training and visualization combine to make great performance feel easy and natural – “the mountain is working with you.” That’s the ideal we kept in mind when designing Swiss-Ski’s platform: no matter how complex the data, the workflow should feel effortlessly simple.