Scenic Trail

A runner’s website – almost as scenic as the race!

We really love sports here at Ander Group, so we were thrilled to work on the website for the 2017 Scenic Trail, Switzerland’s greatest trail running competition: amazing pictures, key information (in three languages), and a vivid preview of a unique event.

Runners are always moving: they are quick, lively, agile. So when it came to website design we matched that experience, fulfilling participants’ and organisers’ needs by taking the fastest – and most scenic – route between A and B.

Logo Design

A unique race needs a unique logo – so why not a goat? The Nera Verzasca is an indigenous inhabitant of the mountains of Ticino in southern Switzerland, the home of Scenic Trail. It is a known for its strength, agility, and skill in negotiating near-vertical paths: the essence of sky-running and the hallmarks of Scenic Trail participants. The sunrays surrounding the goat emphasize the dazzlingly beautiful landscape in which it makes its home and which makes the race as magnificent as it is challenging.

Content Organization

If you want to take part in a race, you want to get information about tracks, to know what you expect. In this case, race matches with verticality, so that to get detailed information about every track is even more important. Please note that Scenic Trail provides also a not competitive race, that allows everyone to enjoy a beautiful experience.


Participants need detailed information about every track, so they know what distances, slopes, and times to expect. The website provides detailed, downloadable maps including length and elevation. It also lists training sessions, so every trail runner has the chance to prepare fully for the experience.

Now and later

Detailed information for preparation and enrolment is all clearly displayed on the homepage, but even after the race is over the website keeps its value, providing participants with results and photographs, along with previews of coming events. Easy-to-use website management tools make it simple for organisers to switch from pre-event to follow-up status.

The unique experience of Scenic Trail is matched by a functional and beautiful website, with a logical structure for detailed information, a look as clear and uncluttered as the hills – and an endearing goat!