PCR Online

By and For the Interventional Cardiovascular Community

Serving the cardiovascular medicine community throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, PCR helps practitioners share their knowledge, experience, and expertise through courses, journals, textbooks, and training. Ander Group created a redesigned digital presence for PCR, incorporating improved user experience, look and feel, and a new approach to website navigation.

Many websites into a website

Our contribution started with the house style – fonts, colors, icons – designed to provide a single visual personality for PCR’s diverse activities, which range from publications to conferences and other events to online training materials.

A set of microsites within the unified website structure allows users to quickly find and note the information specific to them. Drawing together a global community, PCR’s new digital presence combines versatile functionality and a unique, engaging identity.

Style meets Structure

Advanced science calls for clear, intuitive presentation – so we designed a versatile website structure supporting dynamic, continuous content updating with an uncluttered look and feel. Whether the message is in text, document, or video – whether it’s accessed through laptops, tablets, or mobiles – it gets through to the user with clarity and power. In good design, style empowers substance.

Simplexity is our mantra

At Ander Group, we love to make things simple. Even the most specialist subjects should be accessible by everyone. We call it “simplexity:” discovering a simple presentation for a complex reality.

Our challenge was to turn many into one: capturing all the activities and capabilities of dynamic global organization in a single compelling digital identity.

Our response was to embrace modularity, providing a versatile kit of parts that adapts easily to constantly-updated content. PCR advances at the leading edge of cardiovascular medicine; its new digital presence ensures that its users can keep up with the latest developments. Doing this, we meet the requirements of a sustainable circular approach.