A product launch is a crucial moment. It’s not just “getting to market”, it’s getting the attention of precisely the customers who always needed your product – but never knew it. First impressions are vital; communication is key.

Niche marketing is not just for niche companies: even big brands need to diversify their offer to reach smaller audiences with specific wants. Optifibre®, a new fiber concentrate for digestive health from Nestlé Health Science, is aimed at just such a selected consumer subset.

Nestlé fully understood the importance of Optifibre®’s first move into the market: the target audience needs both to understand the product and to gain a mental image of its benefits. It’s a mixture of hard information and soft communication – but in what proportion?

Ander Group had the answers to Nestlé’s questions: a full range of communications tools to ensure Optifibre®’s launch reached that crucial niche market.

First, we designed an informative website featuring a mix of product benefit messages and medical information.

Our challenge was:

  • Building awareness of a completely new product
  • Creating web traffic by catching people’s attention thanks to the free sample offer and the related mini contest
  • Finding the right communication balance between the promotional goal and the legal limits tied to the medical nature of the product
  • Understanding the main concerns for the product’s potential beneficiaries
  • Informing people about Optifibre®’s benefits in a simple and effective way

To guide traffic toward the website, we launched a simple one-question contest, offering free samples and a Prestige Wellness Smartbox for the winners.

We supported these selective promotions with a newsletter, banner ads and a Facebook campaign, closely managing the digital presence from creative design to distribution.

What we did

Content Strategy / UX & Wireframing / SEO / Promotional Landing Page and Website design in French and German / Mini Contest / Mobile friendly Web Development / Digital Campaign / Newsletter

Our way of working, AnderStanding, includes the knowledge that no customer is average. Everyone is a collection of niche qualities and needs. By anticipating those needs through the right balance between promotional and health-centred communication, we helped determine the trajectory of Optifibre®’s launch: straight to the target market.