Weaving the Net

Are you ready for serendipity? Sometimes, a central idea comes out of left field; the solution to one challenge expands to cover everything. When Ander Group met Netability, it was just such a good-luck story.

Netability is the kind of client we like – because what they do is wonderful, yet challenging to explain. The company provides the IT services essential for doing business on the Internet: communication, security, storage, integration, managed services, and cloud computing. You use such services every day; they’re technically very complex, but the experience of using them should be simple.

We started by creating product branding for SoCloud, Netability’s cloud computing service. We designed a landing page, digital brochure, and newsletter, weaving together the various elements into a consistent identity, accessible from any platform.
The logo and typeface subtly conveyed the interconnections of the Web while drawing a clear path, expressing the clarity and coherence of SoCloud’s offer.

Our clients were so impressed by the work we had done for this one service that they asked us to develop it into an identity for the whole company.
It was that moment of serendipity: the concepts developed for SoCloud – specifically the idea that simplicity arises out of complexity – fit perfectly into Netability‘s proposition.

What we did

Logo Design/ Content Design / UX Design / Look & Feel / Responsive Frontend Design / Backend Development (WordPress) / Print Design

Basing our visual work on the ideas of networks, information flow, and transparency, we created a logo, icons, illustrations and page environments that ensured a consistent look and feel across all of Netability’s communication channels – weaving a simple net to capture the complexity of their business.