Masera & Della Casa

A Portrait of Integrity

Branding is emotion, even for something as logical as law.

Gianni Masera and Diego Della Casa work with high net worth individuals: people who expect the highest degree of responsibility, intelligence, and care. So when the time came to create an identity for their new firm, Masera & Della Casa came to us.

Ander Group had the luxury of creating, from its very beginning, a unified corporate identity for a sophisticated client with a nuanced appreciation of its own clients’ tastes and expectations.

We designed a logo that blends sleekness with savviness, and generated the integrated resources to produce a seamless experience – print, photography, video, and responsive web design.

What we did

Visual Identity / Stationery Design / Logo Design / Photo Shooting / Video Production / Responsive Development

Integrating our design and production teams, we gave Masera & Della Casa a powerful tool for conveying its unique identity. Our clients don’t offer off-the-shelf solutions, and neither do we. At Ander Group, “responsive” is not just a technical term – it’s our first law.