Lingue e Sport

Putting it all together

Mens sana in corpore sano: since ancient times, we have all known that learning and activity go together. Gaining new information and new skills is easiest when you are in a lively, energetic environment where you share the joy of life with friends.

For more than thirty years, this has been the mission of Lingue e Sport, a program supported by the Canton of Ticino that gives schoolchildren the chance to enjoy a wide range of sports and activities at vacation camps in the inspiring countryside, while also learning a new language or brushing up on math, robotics, and other school subjects.

Ander Group started working with Lingue e Sport six years ago, creating communications and image tools to convey just how much fun learning in nature can be. Now the program is so successful that it faces a new challenge: summarizing its highly complex offering in one easy-to-navigate website. Problems like this are what Anderstanding is made for.

Users (usually parents) need to find information about the courses for their child’s age, the lengths and type of stay, the locations, the fee, and so on – without feeling overwhelmed. So we broke the experience down into manageable steps, giving each user the opportunity to “build your own course.”

The new structure presents information gradually, at the right, intuitive moment – while also populating an application form in the background. As the user explores options, the form keeps pace, so that at the end all that’s needed is to click “send.” The information is exported to Lingue e Sport’s own data-management software and the new client receives an immediate confirmation e-mail.

Even more impressive is how this easy user experience simplifies the background workflow for Lingue e Sport. Managing an enterprise that covers multiple locations, ages, courses, and dates is always complex – responding to hundreds of parents anxious to get the best for their children is even more complicated.

Ander Group designed a process in which the user naturally chooses the most efficient response, so the enrolment process is as easy to manage as it is easy to navigate. Fulfilment is instant and straightforward, saving staff time and avoiding confusion.

What we did

Content Design / UX Design / Prototyping / Look & Feel / Responsive Frontend Design / Backend Development (WordPress) / Print Design

The result? An experience that pleases both parties, where discovery combines beauty and function; one that is exciting, active, simple, and fun – just as learning ought to be.