Judged by the Cover

Content Design

Do you usually judge a book by its cover? No? Are you sure? If the “book” is your website makeover, you certainly will: you want to see the most enchanting “cover” you can imagine in any bookshop. Take, as an example, the International Management Institute website: here you can explore a virtual library that guides you through the collection of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. A library embodying of simplicity, legibility, objective-based design, global values, and flexibility, but above all a library of solutions.

Identity goes glocal

Ander Group provided the International Management Institute with a fully responsive website, merging user and client needs in a beautiful, functional result.  On one hand, the design reflects Swiss identity: linearity, geometrical elements, clean structure, clear typography, and a vibrant colour palette; it captures the trademark look of an Institute known all over the world for its excellence in hospitality management education. On the other hand, the design guarantees accessibility, thanks to its cross-cultural design structure that avoids navigational and functional uncertainty. The colour set, menu, and categories are optimised for an international audience.

Content Generation and Evolution

The priority for IMI is to manage and make easily accessible all of the student programs, giving them a logical presentation that also meets the evolving requirements of the Institute’s educational offer. This constant evolution is at the core of IMI’s business it is supported by a customised CMS that adapts to support the Institute’s current and future needs. IMI talks to people from all over the world; Ander Group provides a flexible structure – including constantly supported news, updated contents, and testimonials – that allows IMI to present its services and programs in an effective way. A live chat function is integrated into the site to satisfy immediately any queries a user may have. The Institute embodies the long heritage of Swiss hospitality; taking that heritage into the digital domain makes content generation a critical task. Managing change is the mission, offering the best user experience is the method.

We balance user and client in our production design. The custom solution provided to IMI shows how we can evolve, preserving precious heritage while managing continuous change. With Ander Group the simpler the user experience, the less complex the solution. Our solutions are designed to adapt, and thus maintain their highest utility and value throughout their lifetime.

What we did

Content Design / UX Design / Look & Feel / Responsive Frontend Design / Backend Development Custom CMS development