A life-saving portfolio

Humabs is a dynamic life sciences company that works with cutting-edge science to combat infectious diseases. The company has developed a rich portfolio of immunotherapies for some of the most difficult-to-treat infections.

Their mission is to bring these potentially life-saving treatments to patients as quickly as possible, this makes it obvious why we at Ander Group were so passionate about this project. Everything about Humabs – their goals, their techniques – is really complex: to display these in a simple and accessible way on a website is extremely challenging.

Follow with us on the path that led to the final, optimised product.

Visual and Effects

Humabs works with bacteria, viruses and antibodies: near-invisible structures whose functionality is not apparent from their appearance. To visualise their interaction was not an easy process, particularly since accuracy was essential when addressing an expert audience. We dealt with this difficulty in representing specific, realistic visualisations by meticulous post-production of the graphic assets. We controlled the visual complexity by introducing a red frame representing a microscope’s objective.  We repeated the red frame motif in text boxes, linking the Humabs identity and activities with the ideas of precision and focus.

Content Organization

Scientific communications deal with complex contents. Information needs to be managed in a clear, accessible way, so that the website’s users can easily switch from one category to another. The user’s priorities determine what information needs to be highlighted. The menu was divided into two levels, a mega menu and an accessible “navigation drawer,”  visually simplifying the choice of categories. A tailored Content Management System provided a simple, consistent and intuitive path to keeping the website up to date and relevant.

Agile project management

Every Ander Group customer can expect a high-quality, on-time project with continuous budget tracking. This is how we satisfy customer needs, reduce complexity, and assure our clients full transparency and regular feedback. Customer engagement and continuous updating, sharing ideas and inviting the client into the creative process, ensure the best results.

Mobile first

Nowadays, every website must be fully responsive. “Responsive” for us, means more than just managing and adapting all contents for a mobile use. Content display and organisation needs to work in a mobile-native way – as, for example, the Humabs menu was designed for a swiped approach.

Turning a complicated topic  into a clear presentation is a matter of method. Defined steps, each closely involving the client, allow us to strip away complexity while preserving the DNA of brand identity and essential content.