Sparkling Success

Ander Group celebrates daily successes with HENNIEZ

HENNIEZ mineral water is an iconic Swiss brand. Mischievous, bubbly, and assertive, it sums up people’s love of living life to the full with family and friends.

The brand’s slogan, HENNIEZ, l’eau qui vous réussit, expresses these qualities perfectly – so, to reinforce this powerful brand concept across all Switzerland’s regions, Ander Group created an online promotion to capture successes in pictures: personal moments of pride, joy, and love for which HENNIEZ is the perfect partner.

Super Mom, brilliant colleague, top Sunday teammate: visitors to the dedicated website shared in word and image the special something that enriches their life: a view, a wedding, the smile of a child…

A simple, intuitive four-step process let hundreds of consumers share their day-to-day successes and hope to win one of 50 Cornèrcards; half were voted for by users and half were selected by the HENNIEZ jury.

Water is a simple thing – but providing wonderful water in a bottle is a complex matter of geology, ecology, and technology. Finding a way for people to share life’s daily successes as easily as they share a bottle of water was Ander Group’s challenge… and we are glad that it looks so simple.