Greenhope Foundation

Hope provides strength to overcome misfortune – but hope alone is not enough. The Greenhope Foundation links sport, activities and fundraising in a virtuous circle to help children with cancer.

Youth is the most energetic time of life, so it is especially sad when cancer strikes a child. Therapy is exhausting, and treatment takes children and their families away from sports and active life. Greenhope believes that it shouldn’t be this way. People shouldn’t be restricted by their illness from enjoying the outdoors and connecting with sport. So it did something about it.

Founded in 2011 with the Biking Against Cancer initiative, Greenhope is now a Foundation involving the entire sports world, organizing leisure activities and fundraising events for children with cancer and their families, and sponsoring talented young sportspeople.

Ander Group became Greenhope’s partner in 2013, taking over all communications, logistics and administration duties. Greenhope fits excellently with Ander Group’s long-term commitment to social responsibility and to impactful, streamlined work processes.

The goal is to create and sustain a community, where children and their families, sportspeople, charities, donors and the public can all participate in and appreciate the good work. This means managing a network of contacts and producing a constant stream of high-quality content, delivered through a wide range of channels.

Ander Group designs all of Greenhope’s communication. We created and manage the website, newsletter, blog, and social media presence; we produce the magazine and print advertising; we run the online shop and its back-office fulfilment; we organize and stage the events. The result? Maximum benefit for kids with cancer and young sportspeople; minimum overhead, waste and duplication of effort.


Greenhope Foundation

Greenhope Magazine


Greenhope Magazine

Strategic thinking, integrated design, and digital transformation can offer the same efficiency to any social responsibility program. It shows what can be done with a little hope.