Digital campaigns

Cornèr Bank was the first bank in Switzerland to introduce Apple Pay, for its credit card, the Cornèrcard. Apple Pay transmits credit and debit card information from the Wallet app, enabling users to pay at store checkouts using an iPhone or Apple Watch as their wallet.

Cornèr Bank is known for precisely this ability to anticipate needs: in 1975 it was the first in Switzerland to introduce payment cards bearing the world-famous Visa™ brand; it added Mastercard™ to its portfolio in 1998. Through its Cornèrcard division, Cornèr Bank further expanded its presence in the payment card industry by acquiring of the Diners Club license for Switzerland in 2014. Apple Pay was introduced in 2016. Cornèr Bank applies the same attention to changing client needs when evaluating its digital campaigns. New landing pages and banners related to the Cornèrcard world are developed every year following analysis paths framework with A/B and multivariate tests to identify the most suitable solution. Explore the diverse world of Cornèrcard, with its personalized approach to payment.

Instant, Seamless, Borderless

Cornèrcard Instant is the virtual card that you keep in your virtual wallet. No risk of loss, guaranteed security.

The landing pages and banners we developed for Cornèrcard Instant convey the simplicity behind the service: request, set up, insert the card in your virtual wallet – and manage all your payments online. Instant enables the future by meeting clients’ needs now.

Easy Engagement

When your card carries a message you love, you use it more. A card is more than just a payment method: its beautiful design communicates your values every time you use it. With Cornèrcard WWF shopping merges with good causes: a percentage of your purchase amount is donated to WWF. Save the Monarch Butterfly, Sustain Marine Life, Save the Planet!

Responsiveness as modern art

Dedicated, customised landing pages introduce you to both Chaplin and Cornèrcard. Detailed information is readable and easily accessible by all devices. Emotional banners, static and animated, are developed to fit each specific channel requirement and user experience. Enjoy the readability – and free museum tickets, too!

We supported one of Cornèrcard’s promotional campaigns with a dedicated video in three languages, offering participants the chance to plan their dream trip. From storyboarding to location and model scouting, shooting, editing, and sound – we supply the complete package. Enjoy the video.

It isn’t just cashless payments that make the world go round – targeted, responsive branding helps, too. Come to us with your challenge for advice and performance.