Learn to be friends

Ander Group and PURINA encourage
kids’ responsible love for pets.

He shares my adventures, listens to me without judging… he isn’t just a four-legged companion but a true friend.

The bond between humans and pets begins when we are children. Learning early how to behave with animals – to be aware, respectful, responsible – is good for social skills, but also opens the way to a lifetime of companionship and affection. Ander Group supports PURINA in promoting responsible pet ownership programs for children, a commitment that is part of the “PURINA in Society” initiative, together with 9 other themes.

To come up with the “Friends for Life” campaign, we got in touch with our inner children, recalling how strong our relationships with pets were, and how this bond would last forever. This basic yet heartfelt truth was developed into a concept that engages children and adults alike, based on simple and quirky illustrations. The campaign reflects PURINA’s commitment to improve the lives of dogs, cats, and the people who care for them.

The heart of the campaign was a pedagogical kit introducing children to the essentials of dog and cat behavior, origins and social contribution. A dedicated online platform and an in-store presence enriched the experience and amplified the impact of the initiative: a drawing contest, videos, quizzes and educational games let families share joyful and instructive moments.

What we did

Concept / Brand Identity Design / Cross-media Planning / Content Design / User Journey / Prototyping / Look & Feel / Responsive Frontend Design / Backend Development / Testing / Data Protection & Management / Banner & Newsletter Campaign / Print and POS Design

Capturing the emotionally rich, bright and direct world of childhood while maintaining the PURINA “look & feel” was a rewarding challenge. It showed once again how strong an emotional approach can be, supporting our client’s message across both the online and offline presence. The implementation may be complex but the feeling is simple… as simple – and profound – as the friendship between a child and a pet.