From persons to company and beyond

Talking about companies via storytelling

Once upon a time, there was a woodcutter, who had unplugged and left urban life behind, then a dreamer with feet kept on the ground who had founded a creative lab where people could work, meet and create.

Then, there was a trainer, who believed in the strength of body and mind, and a professional golfer, a grower of chilis, a brilliant artistic duo. They are all stories but not fairy tales. Over the last few years, these people, their stories and many other characters have given life to the pages of Wanderful Magazine, the most magic side of Ander Group.

You can perceive from the pictures, read among words that their stories are special because they do everything they do without thinking or claiming that what they do is special. They are simply unique.

Every person has a story to be told and every company has a story to be told: through people. The human beings are at the core of Wanderful Magazine and they represent the most intriguing stories you could ever come across.

This is the reason why we do want to talk about companies in the same way we talk about extraordinary humans. We do want to celebrate companies’ people and visions talking about them and talking about their exclusive, unique, fundamental values, that distinguish every identity from the others. 

This is the reason why we are introducing our Corporate Edition – to celebrate the uniqueness of companies, of organisations. Bigger or smaller, no matter what you celebrate with your business, we are interested in what you do, in your philosophy, in your vision, in your mission.

Wanderful talks about people and talks about companies, because companies are made of people. Companies are a fertile ground for stories, for creative discussions.

Moreover, Wanderful Corporate EDT is an effective tool to transmit your ideas, to transmit your projects, to transmit your objectives and to introduce yourself. In the same way, we put our name on the magazine to take the reader through our wanderful journey. For this edition, we take away every reference to Wanderful, to make of it,  your personal branded project. Wanderful will dress your best skin to show up with your brand, story, soul. We do the storytelling, you put the story.

Stay tuned to discover the next skin of Wanderful Mag.

What if the next Wanderful talks about you?


April 20th, 2017

Elena Bulgheroni