9th March 2017

Author Elena Bulgheroni

Wanderful Magazine #11

Picture: “Realizing machine”, Luzern (Switzerland)
Mural paintings realized for the Neusicht.
Exhibition organized by Viva con Agua

Since 1996 Christian Rebecchi & Paolo Togni have worked together giving life to the Swiss artistic duo NEVERCREW. WANDERFUL welcomes you to their exhilarating, baffing, eye – opening world.

This is a story made of washing machines, polar bears, plastic bottles and whales. 

The  fantastic duo was born in Ticino, Switzerland, and they are known all over the world because of their unique approach to Street Art.

NEVERCREW exhibit all over the world, from Cairo to Canada, from New Delhi to…Luzern. Graffiti are their artistic expression but they do not like restrictive descriptions. You might think that Street Art is a simple idea, but it actually contains every possible artistic view and technique.


NEVERCREW’s spray-cans are the means to explore the relations between the human world, with its systems and machines, and the natural world that surrounds us. “It’s all about relationships” says Christian “between people, between humanity and nature, between humans and their nature”. They basically create ‘systems’ that highlight these invisible connections.


They do mural art, any doubt about that, and one of the most interesting feature of their graffiti drawings is definitely the integration of three – dimensional elements. This is the way NEVERCREW involves the viewers: the 3D element straight draws you into the image, defining their picture of reality that connects you with reality all around.


Place where NEVERCREW ‘exhibits’ is the world. So how they can connect and share the message in the most effective way possible? Their secret is to become part of neighbourhood for a while “meeting new people and connecting”. Connection is the meaningful keyword that explains how all art pieces get in touch with the surrounded environment.

Wanderful Meaning: to work together as one

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