Scenic Trail: touch the sky

A website for one of the best race in Switzerland

Sport is our passion, who knows us, knows this. This is the reason why we were more than happy to work on Scenic Trail Event Website and to claim that the 2017 Race edition is approaching fast.

Three languages, beautiful pictures and useful information. When we work on a website design, should it be for an event website or a different one, our priority is to provide the best user experience possible.

In event websites, the priority is to provide an easy and intuitive access to subscription, an optimised experience to mobile users (we know that athletes cannot stay in front of a desktop) as well as a clear event listing, beautiful images and an ease access to social sharing.

What is Scenic Trail? Let’s talk a bit more about the race itself: Scenic Trail is a trail running competition that involves an area of 170 square Km, touching 8 municipalities, in Ticino region, in Southern Switzerland. It takes place during the second weekend in June. Born in 2013, it does see the first edition on a 50Km distance and 3800m in altitude along a path that runs on the ridges of the region, offering a breathtaking view (from here the term “Scenic”). In 2015 and in 2016 Scenic Trail has been awarded as best Swiss Ultra Trail competition in Switzerland. For the fourth edition, five paths of unparalleled beauty are available. 

Going from the 11KM/+800M race, not competitive, to the hardest challenge, the queen race of 113KM/+7400M, Scenic Trail is the event to participate in. The beauty of the path is incomparable, the experience unique.

Last but not least, for the second year, Scenic Trail supports Greenhope Foundation, our charity project.

Subscriptions are still open, keep following us to discover our projects. Coming soon: Scenic Trail website complete project.

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May 31st, 2017

Elena Bulgheroni