A “quotes” journey at OFFF Barcelona

Pay attention: this content is fully inspiring

“It’s average and it looks like a banker made it…” this consideration about artwork was introduced by Michelle Dougherty/Imaginary Forces @ OFFF Barcelona, and it is one of the sentences that can really strike your attention. Among a huge amount of really inspiring quotes of brilliant designers and gurus, this slide can hit you like a punch in your face.

First of all because if you watch Imaginary Forces‘ works you think about everything but something average. They are actually the creators of some of the most celebrated tv series main titles: Stranger Things, Black Sails, Boardwalk Empire are just a few.

Secondary, the association with the idea of a banker makes instinctively smile, thus still steps into a bias according to which a banker is not a creative person.

Thirdly, the thing is that even the less creative person in the world can get inspiration by OFFF event: and this is why we were there as Ander Group folk! To know, to perceive, to evolve.

As usual, we were looking for meaning and we found it in every talk we attended. The reference to the banker was just one of the designers’ personal stories and it makes clear how the path to become a designer is not that easy.

One of the other elements that emerged from the talks, is that creative people have really the method. In everything. Of course, @Ander Group we are aware of this fact but It is really time to dispel the myth that creative persons are not operational, planners and budgeters.

Here our guide to OFFF meaningful interventions, to take inspiration a good dose of inspiration:

“Talking about feelings”

Adam J.Kurtz is a young Visual Artist from Brooklyn, his talk @OFFF was really focused on how personal expression and feelings are at the core of works. Feelings are always close to the creativity boundaries. We do put our feelings in our work but to do so, we pass through planning and conceptualisation. Brands are made of feelings.

“Deadline are the best inspiration”

Alvaro Dominguez (not the Spanish football player) is a graphic designer and illustrator. He works for New York Times, Wired and many different magazines and campaigns. This is one of his quotes during the speech @OFFF and he definitely revolutionises our Saturday at the event.  OH YES.  Nothing to explain about that. At Ander Group we love deadlines, sense of urgency is good but you will never hear us saying “done is better than perfect”.

“You always have a no, but you might get a yes. Never be afraid to ask”

This is something related to our bosses but it is also something related to clients. Our ideas need to come up and be shared. How often do you have an idea and you do not find the courage to askAnton & Irene did really share their vision during their speech and they talked about the need for a balance between personal projects and client’s projects. What do these projects have in common? Super satisfaction!

“Lance Wyman”

We don’t have quotes from this guy because he is a quote himself.He is 80 years old, American and he is one of the most celebrated designers all over the world specialised in cities, event, transit systems. He designed 1968 Mexico Olympics identity and listening to his speech is like going to a rockstar concert. Simply awesome. The way he anticipated trends in design and how he defined the field of the environmental graphic is THE experience.

“Be human above all else“

This is a quote of quotes. This message came up so strongly that it is not possible to forget about it. It was introduced by different designers, again Adam J. Kurtz, Ivan Cash, it came to surface in the opening titles of OFFF by Outro Studio. It can be perceived in the words of young and older designer. We need to be close to our target, we need to do extraordinary things that come from simplicity. This message was playing such a song, in “The Happy Film” by Stefan Sagmeister, in the closing titles of OFFF presented by Vallée Duhamel.

So what did we learn from OFFF community? We learnt all you read above but also that we do we have to be human. And creative. And bankers too.

Team’s Favourites

www.misplaced.design Anton & Irene

www.joshuadavis.com Joshua Davis

www.thehappyfilm.org The Happy Film

www.kellianderson.com Kelly Anderson


April 13th, 2017

Elena Bulgheroni