18th July 2016

Author Micol Biasoli

Meet Corinne Häberling

With extensive experience of the digital landscape, Corinne Häberling joined our team in February as Branch Manager at our Zurich office.

Corinne, can you tell us something about your background?
I studied Economics and Communication in Fribourg and then joined the e-business team at SBB, where I helped relaunch the website. After getting a Master’s in Corporate Communication at USI (Lugano), I worked for Merida Bikes, where I was in charge of broadband marketing and internal/external communication, working with retailers and clients from German, French and Italian Switzerland.

And what brought you here?
I was fascinated by how Ander Group has established a national and International presence while keeping its original flexibility and openness – being multilingual while preserving the distinct character of Ticino. I felt that with my knowledge of both Swiss German and Swiss Italian markets, I could fit well into that versatile environment.

–Every project is different: we take great care to respect the individual nature of the people and brands we work for, highlighting their special qualities through powerful design and beautiful content.

How do you translate client needs into passionate user experiences?

The team and I keep asking and listening until we understand each client’s concrete need. I analyse markets and audiences, and then try to bridge the gap between the brand requirements and the final users’ expectations.
There’s no standard answer: we combine technology and design in the search for simple, beautiful solutions that reflect the users’ diversity. After delivery, we verify the solution’s performance by tracking user behaviour: it’s a continuous process – improvement never stops.

–I love challenges. The more complex the context, the more I’m inspired to find the simplexity behind it!

What is the secret to managing a complex digital world?

Let’s take an example: the website relaunch for the International Management Institute Switzerland (IMI). There are two Institutes offering a huge variety of programs. To help users navigate this intuitively, we redesigned the entire service map, turning the website into a functional management interface for IMI’s staff and an easy-to-orientate platform for users. On the technology side, the content was be adapted to all the interfaces, browsers, security requirements and usability standards for the target markets.

–Balance is the key to “simplexity:” technology, content and design need to speak to one another. Only by integrating them can we please the final user and ease the client’s tasks.

Is there someone in particular who inspires you?

Yvon Chouinard, founder of the Patagonia clothing brand: he fosters social responsibility in the business world – something that I also find here at Ander Group, with the support we give to the Greenhope Foundation. Everything Chouinard built was done to answer a concrete need, to find a solution to a real problem through technical, durable and multifunctional clothes. This dedication translated into a unique brand. That is why I try to bring to life solutions that are completely built around the client’s uniqueness.

Book tip: Chouinard, Yvon. Let my people go surfing: the education of a reluctant businessman, Penguin Books, 2005