Strategy, Design, Technology

We partner with our clients to build compelling brand architectures and clear business processes, online and offline, through innovative, digitally-enhanced experiences. It can be this simple.

We make plastic personal.

Cashless payment doesn’t have to be characterless. Through promotional campaigns and emotional communication, we help Cornèrcard keep engaged with its customers.

Greenhope Foundation
Hope Keeps on Growing.

Ander Group became Greenhope’s partner in 2013, taking over all communications, logistics and administration duties. Greenhope fits excellently with Ander Group’s long-term commitment to social responsibility and to impactful, streamlined work processes.

ESMO European Society for Medical Oncology, Branding

Fighting against cancer. Worldwide. With our help.

From corporate identity to information architecture to congress design, we support the European Society for Medical Oncology in its global mission.

Lingue e Sport, Content Design, Print Design

When healthy mind in a healthy body means a lot of fun.

Since ancient times, we have all known that learning and activity go together.
Gaining new information and new skills is easiest when you are in a lively, energetic environment where you share the joy of life with friends.

Our Business

Successful brands need expert storytellers and technologists: we are both. Since 2006, our mission has been to merge strategy, design, and technology into a seamless service for our clients. We keep things simple. Our emphasis is on partnership, strong brand values, engaging customer experiences, and clear, intuitive business processes.

Our people look beyond their specialist expertise to create solutions in a collaborative spirit. In a rapidly evolving industry, we keep one unchanging goal: to create durable meaning, sustainable growth, and genuine profit for our clients.

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