The old saying that “money makes the world go round” is no longer the case: nowadays, what drives the world are cashless payments. Almost every transaction, large or small, relies on secure processing systems and efficiency.

For most of us, this is summed up when we reach for the familiar card in our wallets at the store checkout or the end of the meal. It’s the most natural kind of payment: easy, convenient, and secure. In 1975 Cornèr Banca SA, a private bank in Ticino, was the first in Switzerland to introduce payment cards bearing the world-famous Visa™ brand; it added Mastercard™ to its portfolio in 1998.

Through its Cornèrcard division, Cornèr Banca has further expanded its presence in the payment card industry with the acquisition of the Diners Club license for Switzerland in 2014.

Cornèrcard offers a wide range of credit and prepaid cards with individual custom features, ranging from access to special events to donations to good causes. A credit or a prepaid card is not simply a payment method, it’s a lifestyle accessory. The design, format and extras included in a card say a lot about the personality of the person whose name appears at the bottom.

Classic, Gold, Lady, Miles & More; favorite musicians, tickets, golf, Ferrari fan events; World Wildlife Fund, climate, … a card is part of your personal or organizational brand. So Cornèrcard came to the branding experts at Ander Group to help potential customers link up with the right card for their personality.

We designed landing pages for a large number of specific card programs, based both on our own creative work and on elements supplied by the client. We developed banners for more than fifty products, each produced in three languages.

As Cornèrcard continues to develop its business – offering, for example, the most advanced security technology to protect online shopping – we work closely with them to get the message out.

We supported the Cornèrcard promotional campaign with dedicated video in three languages, offering participants the chance to plan their dream trip. From storyboarding to location and model scouting, shooting, editing, and sound – we supply the complete package.

What we did

Creativity & Design / Landing Pages / HTML / CSS development / Banner

It isn’t just cashless payments that make the world go round – targeted, responsive branding helps, too. Come to us with your challenge for advice and performance.